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New Programming Languages that you need to know

As a result of the hurdles faced by data scientists, Statisticians/Mathematicians in the combination use of Matlab, C in the iterations of functions, R to perform statistical calculations and all combined are cemented with the use of python programming language, Julia was developed, to support the use of Matlab, C, R and Python, all in one by scientists and Mathematicians in solving problems with the use of one language.
Julia, which supports Lisp-like macros is fairly similar to python with close similarities to the python library and extra features such as a built-in pocket manager for installation of add-on functionality and external library.

Clojure programming language is a Lisp language that treats data and itself as linked lists and tends to make a lot use of macros.
It is a general purpose language, similar to Java. It is also Java compatible rather than re-compiling separate functions and run it after its been altered. Clojure allows live interaction with a running programming to have a view of what the separate function do.
Founded in the year 2007 as one of the several languages built on the virtualization part of Java, (JVM) making it Java code and Java runtime environment compatible.

3. RUST:
Regarded as an alternative to C++, as it was designed to share some traits in terms of performance and memory management but with more checks during compilation. Therefore, code maintenance becomes a lot easier in long-term projects collaboration.
Rust,which was developed by Mozilla and supported by Samsung is an ideal programming language for system developers who desire to design safe, long-life span and more modern low-level softwares.
According to Stackoverflow 2016 developer survey, Rust was voted as the most loved language.

Developed by Google in order to make managing dependencies easier and also allow application to scale up more readily. Go programming language was designed for networked systems, computer clusters, multi core processors and web applications.
It is easy to install as they are compiled to a single executable rather than requiring installation of dependencies alongside and also easy to code.
Installation files are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pie..

Are you a programmer or you desire to change the world with your fingers, the above programming languages are worth knowing. 
Let us know about other new programming languages you know.

Make bold text, Italic text and strikethrough a text on WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp messenger- an SMS app has  of recent times been updated with cool features ranging from end to end encryption to voice encryption, PDF sharings in messages, Marking messages as Unread to mentioning a previous message and very recently it included features such as the Strikethrough, make text bold and italic into its SMS Application.

Let's walk through the steps involved...
=> How to send a Strikethrough Message on WhatsApp:
Add a tilde (~) before and after the text. E.g
I want to make a strikethrough

=> How to make a BOLD text in WhatsApp:
Add an asterisk (*) before and after the text. E.g*This text is bold*. Hit the  send icon, automatically your revealed message will be bold.

=> How to make an Italic text in WhatsApp:
Add an underscore (_) before and after the text. E.g _let's write an Italic text_

Note that this can only be achieved with the latest WhatsApp version...
Enjoy .....

LAPTOPS- Safety Tips

Laptops are one of the most essential gadgets for businessmen these days. Businessmen carry

out their each and every business tasks with the help of laptops alone. Hence they need a good

company laptop with which they can work for long periods without any interruption. Laptops

need to be maintained properly for good usage. What are the things that we need to keep in

mind while using laptop? How to use a laptop smoothly so that it lives longer? Let us see them in


Laptop batteries: This is the first thing that gets damaged in any laptop. But it is entirely in

our own hands to ensure the safety of our laptop by avoiding the damages that happen to the

laptop. Battery of the laptop needs to be charged and discharged at regular intervals. If you

overcharge the battery, it will damage the battery and it will lose its strength very quickly. It is

always advisable to use the laptop after charging the battery. Don't use the laptop while it is still

getting charged, because that will reduce its battery life.

Always keep the laptop in a clean and dry place. This is very important because the dust

and moisture are the biggest enemies of laptops. If the dust and water get into the  laptop

motherboards, it will damage the laptop completely and you need to take it to the person who

knows to repair it. So always ensure that you keep it in a dry place.

Use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the screen of your laptop. Dust gets gathered on the screen

and that makes it look blurred. So wiping it with a clean cloth is the best solution for the

problem. That will make the laptop look completely new again. This is very important if you want

to work with it without getting any interruptions in the middle while you are working. Wipe even

the back cover of the laptop also with a clean piece of cloth.

Always use a laptop cooler for keeping it cool. If you are performing several tasks at the same

time on your laptop such as listening to the music, checking the mail and typing etc, that will

affect the performance of the laptop when it gets overheated. So using a good laptop cooler will

help you to solve that problem. These days, every laptop comes with cooling system inside it, but

sometimes still those arrangements may seem insufficient and we need to depend on additional

coolers for keeping it cool.

Finally, any laptop needs to be maintained properly in terms of the memory used in them.

Organize the components of different local disks properly and make separate folders for

different types of files. That will help you to keep your laptop in the best condition. Usually a

laptop may have different types of files like word files, PowerPoint files and spreadsheet files

etc. all these files should be kept in separate folders and that makes it easy for you to search the

particular file that you need.

About author:I am a notebook computer enthusiasts, a variety of notebook computers equipped

with very familiar, particularly keen on laptop cooler, laptop batteries aspects of various


Happy Birthday To The World Wide Web(www)

Twenty-five years ago, the World Wide Web was just an idea by Tim Berners-Lee at the CERN lab in Switzerland.
On March 12, 1989 he outlined a way to easily access files on linked computers, paving the way for a global phenomenon that has touched the lives of billions of people. The WWW is both praised & reviled but it has unmistakably changed how we communicate & that can not be denied..
The www has brought to us exposure and improvement in knowledge..
With the World wide web, streaming of videos and pictures emerged. Now we can sell and purchase online, banking has been made an easy task, whereby we can check our financial accounts and make transactions.. Softwares and files are available online.
How has the world wide web (www) been of help to you???
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How to Recharge your phone via sms


The New age of Technology is here, no struggles, no hurdles. This is the picture been painted by Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) as they roll out an easy way to recharge your phone anywhere and anytime.
Years back, they introduced a service which enables customers to check their account balance with easy steps through sms, this brought comfort and encouraged stress-free banking
Now, no panics at night when you run out of airtime or need to make an urgent call because with your phone in your hand GT Bank is at your service.

1. Type your desired NETWORK, AMOUNT and NUBAN number (10 digit account number) as SMS e.g MTN 750 08123456789
2. Send to 08076665555
3. Immediately, your account will be credited accordingly.

NB- The SMS should be sent with the phone number registered to your bank details.
Exclusive to GTBANK users Only.

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Nokia X hacked to run Android Apps and Services

Photo credit- NDTV GADGETS

Amongst the unveiled devices at the mobile world congress, Nokia also displayed its X android phones which could not run the google play store and google apps but meant to run microsoft services such as outlook, skype and OneDrive.

A member of the xda developers team known as Kashamalaga was able to hack into the Nokia X OS with a 5-step procedures that makes the device able to run google services and apps on his Nokia X android phone.

He made this known on his twitter handle @KashaMalaga and with Nokia's reply stating " This is awesome! Very excited to see progress is being made. We actually really like" it definitely seems they are pleased with such tweaks made on the Nokia X for it to run Google's applications.

Source- The Verge

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US army and Lockheed Martin design an Autonomous Convoy system

Photo credit- futuristspeaker

With the aim of providing safety and security of human drivers in a convoy mission by having a cab without the control of a soldier, 2 research and design corporations- The US Army Tank-Automotive Research Development and Engineering center (TARDEC) and Lockheed Martin Global Security and Aerospace Company were able to design a hardware and software that can autonomously navigate through obstacles in both urban and rural region.
A demonstration was carried out last month (January, 2014). At Fort Hood, Texas to test the design and it was confirmed to be able to navigate through real world obstacles such as oncoming traffic, road intersections, stalled and moving vehicles, pedestrians and traffic circles.
According to David Simon, AMAS program Manager for Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control: " The AMAS CAD hardware and software performed exactly as designed and dealt successfully with all of the real-world obstacles that a real-world convoy would encounter.."

Having a driverless car has been on research by Google Incorporated, Toyota and Audi and soon the globe would be hit with this new tech design.
So, I guess you wouldn't be amazed when you see a convoy of multiple types of vehicles passing bye.
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