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New Programming Languages that you need to know

As a result of the hurdles faced by data scientists, Statisticians/Mathematicians in the combination use of Matlab, C in the iterations of functions, R to perform statistical calculations and all combined are cemented with the use of python programming language, Julia was developed, to support the use of Matlab, C, R and Python, all in one by scientists and Mathematicians in solving problems with the use of one language.
Julia, which supports Lisp-like macros is fairly similar to python with close similarities to the python library and extra features such as a built-in pocket manager for installation of add-on functionality and external library.

Clojure programming language is a Lisp language that treats data and itself as linked lists and tends to make a lot use of macros.
It is a general purpose language, similar to Java. It is also Java compatible rather than re-compiling separate functions and run it after its been altered. Clojure allows live interaction with a running programming to have a view of what the separate function do.
Founded in the year 2007 as one of the several languages built on the virtualization part of Java, (JVM) making it Java code and Java runtime environment compatible.

3. RUST:
Regarded as an alternative to C++, as it was designed to share some traits in terms of performance and memory management but with more checks during compilation. Therefore, code maintenance becomes a lot easier in long-term projects collaboration.
Rust,which was developed by Mozilla and supported by Samsung is an ideal programming language for system developers who desire to design safe, long-life span and more modern low-level softwares.
According to Stackoverflow 2016 developer survey, Rust was voted as the most loved language.

Developed by Google in order to make managing dependencies easier and also allow application to scale up more readily. Go programming language was designed for networked systems, computer clusters, multi core processors and web applications.
It is easy to install as they are compiled to a single executable rather than requiring installation of dependencies alongside and also easy to code.
Installation files are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pie..

Are you a programmer or you desire to change the world with your fingers, the above programming languages are worth knowing. 
Let us know about other new programming languages you know.


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