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There are tons of ways making money online, i don’t talk about making huge money, because this never happened to me. But to monetize your wordpress blog, Google adsense is the most popular advertisement network that comes to my mind

There are many doubts out there about blog or website ages to apply adsense. As i applied mine, this blog was about 2 months old. So i guess how old your website or blog doesn’t really matter.
If you apply, and you get rejected, do not worry and do not be panic, because once the application is rejected, you still can apply again, and it does not mean that you will always be rejected. Wait for 90 days and re-apply.
My advice is, clean up your site from another ads before you apply, and then sign up for adsense. If you are rejected, monetize your blog by using another sites like adsense as alternatives, they are good too. (especially infolinks).
The best alternative is even using affiliate, if you notice, most blogs promote Thesis themes, and have those yellow banners. Those banners are from shareasales, and if you can make sales in your blog, the comission will be much much more than AdSense and the alternative together.

Here are lists of Google adsense requirements if you plan to apply your blog or website.
1. You have to be older than 18 years old. If you are younger, you can apply, but with your parents, or any other families as guardians. See more here.
2. You must have a website with contents, if your blog or website is still new, i recommend to create contents and build traffics first before applying. Stay away from illegal contents, it is a no go.
3. An email address that works. Valid email address is needed, because once you apply to Google adsense, they will send you email, either accepted or rejected.
4. Valid bank account, this is absolutely needed to receive your payments.
5. Enter the right address of where you live/stay, it’s a good idea. I used to ghost myself by entering my datas online, but not to Adsense.
  • Tips: It is a good idea not to have any other advertisement in your website or blog before you sign up to Adsense.

  • According to my experience, do not be surprised if once you apply yourself even you follow this Google adsense requirements, you will still be rejected. If this happens, do not give up, improve your websites and re-apply again.
Once you are accepted, follow their policies and get more traffics because more traffics equal more clicks equal to more money. Good luck!